Designing Your Home and How to introduce the Vintage Look

Designing Your Home and How to introduce the Vintage Look

Designing your home is all about adding your own touch and character. Whether it be a hallway or entrance or even a shelf - we love incorporating pieces which are real talking points. Adding pieces to a space with a story and history adds a real sense of character to any home. vintage art

What can vintage and weathered pieces bring to your home?

Any piece which has had a previous life can look beautiful. Layer a chapati bowl on some books on a coffee table, or a dough bowl filled with candles on a shelf.

vintage designing

When does timeworn go too far..?

Rustic and a little bit of chipping or marks is absolutely okay, these add depth and interest to the piece. A Vintage console with a leg hanging off would be more of a project! Some are happier with more lived in products than others, so only you can gauge how you feel about a piece. 

Where do I start with Vintage..?

Incorporating smaller pieces initially is a really good way to add the look into your home. Start with textiles such as cushions or rugs - layered with smaller vintage or reclaimed accessories. Vintage furniture is expensive and could prove a costly mistake. You might love a vintage chair, but find it needs reupholstering - so a vintage find won't necessarily be a saving, but no one else will have it! 

Can Reproduction Vintage work if I'm on a budget..?

Absolutely, something as simple as placing some reproduction prints in a vintage frame can look so effective. Prop them on the mantlepiece or shelf layered with other more modern pieces.

vintage art

Textiles are a Fabulous way to Incorporate Vintage Vibes...

We love this floral quilt below.

vintage floral quilt

Introducing Vintage prints or ditsy florals but layering with modern shape furniture is another great way to easily add vintage into your space.

vintage cushion

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