Interior Trend Alert - Rustic and Reclaimed Console Tables

Interior Trend Alert - Rustic and Reclaimed Console Tables

Rustic and reclaimed textures are everywhere at the moment, and it brings so much warmth to a space.

At CharlesTed we love the natural, organic, Earthy look so we have embraced it fully with our new collection of furniture, including console tables, coffee tables alongside beautiful accessories to match.

onassis console

If you don't live in a property with beams or striking features an easy way to inject this look into your home is by adding individual pieces which will instantly add character and interest. We love how console tables are so much fun to style and can bring a new dynamic to the home. 

Adding elements of rusted metals, stripped back wood, uneven planks and marks and indents coupled with vintage books, papier mache vases and pots - vintage prints - They all give that timeworn look which can work even in the newest of properties. 

kate lester kitchen

Image Kate Lester 

Introducing chunky textured wood and metals combined with 'found' dough bowls instantly adds a sense of calm and warmth to a space, whether it be a living room or a kitchen. We stock a variety of different shaped and sized dough bowls.

Even the most modern of grey and white kitchens can be softened with rustic woods.

console table

Image Kate Lester

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We love mixing old with new, this chunky sideboard looks timeworn, although still slots beautifully along side more modern pieces.

rustic console

Image Credit :Mindy Gayer

Bringing in some more modern accessories works fabulously - mixing the old with the new -

Breathing life into rustic and reclaimed pieces is so magical. Wondering what life the piece previously took on - the home it was in before - each piece tells a story. 

Antiqued Rustic Ceramic Urn

Antiqued Rustic Ceramic Urn


 An Oversized terracotta urn which looks perfect on a console in an entryway filled with tall branches and stems or let it speak for itself and simply add a depth to your space.  Care:   Dust with a dry cloth.… Read More

Adding our favourite rustic urns and greenery to any rustic furniture piece will instantly bring life to the space and make it easy to interchange the look each season by simply mixing in seasonal stems.

Alternatively, layer moss in vintage vessels and prop some pretty artwork behind.

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