Shelf Styling: A Guide to Creating the Perfect Shelf Feature

Shelf Styling: A Guide to Creating the Perfect Shelf Feature

Our most commonly asked question here at CharlesTed is "how do I style my shelves?" Lucky for you, we love shelf styling! There is nothing a trailing plant or a variety of stacked books can't do to create the feature you desire for your shelving. 

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Creating a striking shelf display is all about balance. 

An easy tip for styling shelves is to follow the zig zag formation.

Once you have selected a collection of objects you would like to display, ensure none of these elements sit directly next to, above or below each other. 

For example, a potted plant and a trailing plant should not be displayed in direct line with each other. Either miss a shelf or pop it below but one over.

By using this technique, it will allow balance to flow throughout your shelving display. 

You can use this rule across all the items you wish to display and for considering colour, shape and texture too.

Now you are on the road to creating the perfect feature for your shelving feature!


When styling any part of your home, always consider the five key elements. 

Colour, Texture, Height, Shape and Function. 

All these components will contribute to a captivating display, inviting your eyes to wonder. 

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Books are a great starting point for shelf styling.

Whether you display these standing up or stacked on top of one another, an easy but stylish look is to display a bowl of moss, a potted plant or a small pot; something petite to allow the books to provide some height and elevate your display.

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When displaying smaller objects such as bud vases or pots to make them feel less stranded, group them together in twos or threes as a cluster. Incorporate different shapes and sizes for that added bit of detail.


Be sure to incorporate life into your feature. A standing plant or a vase of flowers. Match this with a potted plant featuring somewhere else in your display. We adore a trailing plant hanging from the top shelf for our shelf styling! Let it spill and intrude the shelf below to add that little more interest.

Artwork and photographs will add that personal touch to your shelving which will elevate your feature; tailoring it to you and your family! With artwork, you can incorporate colour and texture into this element. 

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Make your shelf styling functional.

Utilise your shelving by placing some storage baskets for your children's school work, your hats and scarves or even towels on the bottom row of your display. Stack plates, bowls, cups and place your salt and pepper sets side by side.

Display a fruit bowl filled with fruit for vibrancy! Or use faux lemons and limes if you want to keep your display subtle but contribute a hue of colour. 

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Using glass lidded storage jars to store seeds, pasta, teabags or even sweeties is a great look. Functional and stylish, incorporating all our key elements! 

Hopefully this little guide will help you on your way to creating the perfect shelf styling feature in your home.

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