One Sideboard Three Ways

One Sideboard Three Ways

One Console Three Ways! featuring the beautiful Harrogate Sideboard

First Things First..! 

When styling a Sideboard, think about the placement of the furniture in your room. Is it's purpose

• To provide extra storage for crockery, table  linen, glassware?

• Does the area in which it's placed require additional lighting? In which case, think about using lamps on your sideboard

• Will the space above the sideboard require a mirror or artwork? In a smaller space a mirror or even two mirrors side by side helps to bounce light around the room making the space feel bigger.


Look One


Using the Paper Mache Vase filled with florals as the focus we have balanced the height at the other end using the Dylan Lamp. The Black base of the Dylan ties in with the artwork above which we have deliberately hung off centre, to give the pieces underneath space to wow! 
In keeping with Paper Mache theming we have filled the bowl with hydrangea heads.


Look Two

 Same sideboard but very different! 

The artwork here becomes the focus, so placed centrally the eye is drawn here.

Flanked by two white ceramic lamps, the gold in the base ties in perfectly with the bronze in the cupboard handles.

Adding depth we have placed the antiqued urn and wooden Kaleo sculpture; these keep a natural charm and ensure the unit looks unstaged.


Look Three

Again, a statement tall vase, but this time balanced with a deeper toned vase at the other end. The contrasting florals make for a really calming sideboard scape, and one that can be interchanged throughout the season as different flowers bloom.

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