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How Do I Style My Console Table?

Our Top Tips for Styling Your Console Table


The most asked question we receive in our inbox is ‘how do I style my console table?’ Here is our guide to setting up a console table or sideboard scheme.


We use 5 key considerations when planning…



Firstly consider the shape of your table. If it is angled, rectangular or squared then we recommend softening this with a rounded edge or arched mirror. An alternative to a mirror would be a piece of wall art with soft irregular edges.  I have to say that we usually lean towards using mirrors above consoles and sideboards as they add light and a sense of space, but if there is a mirror elsewhere in the room then a piece of wall art is a fabulous alternative.


For round edged console or sideboards the opposite applies and these can be paired with square or rectangle mirrors or artwork.


Next is to decide on the size of the mirror or art above your table. This should be no bigger than 2/3 two thirds the size of the table below. This will stop it overwhelming your console scheme.



Now consider height.


Height of the piece above your console and also height of the objects you style.

Firstly, measure the space between your mirror or canvas and table.  A piece hanging too high can look misplaced. As a guide hang the bottom of the mirror or canvas 6-8 inches above the top of the table.


The size of your table will give a good guide as to how you arrange height on the table top. If you have a sizeable table, longer than say 1.5 metres then it’s possible to accommodate a lamp each end especially, if like me, you like symmetry. Alternatively, a statement large lamp one end balanced in height with a vase or similar at the opposite.


Consoles or sideboards smaller than this will look perfect with a single accent piece of height, either a vase with flowers placed centrally or a lamp/tall hurricane placed to one end. If you decide on a lamp or hurricane place this at the end furthest away from the entrance to the room. 

Use piled books to give smaller pieces height so they aren’t lost in your design.




There is no denying that we love a simple, paired back neutral colour palette but a touch of colour will always add warmth to your table. Tones of green are the easiest way to introduce colour using faux or real potted succulents and stems. These can be changed out with the seasons.


Books also give an opportunity to add subtle colour on your table. Similarly a small piece of framed art with colour propped at the back of your console brings focus and interest to the scheme. Books are also a fabulous way to break up colour on your table. For example if you have a wood table and you want to place a wood accessory on top, use a book to prop the piece to break up the colours of the two similar tones as in the picture here. 

If you are really frightened of colour then use the above to bring depth by adding tones of grey and earth colours.





So often texture is overlooked when planning how you will lay out your pieces. Without texture your table scheme can look flat and lifeless. Many of the ideas mentioned will add texture, including plants, flowers, and frames. Take a look at your collection and ask yourself ‘does everything have a flat surface or similar texture’. It’s really important that you include various textures, may be a vase or lamp base with irregular shape or a rough stone edge. A frame propped at the back, sculptural pieces or a simple bowl of moss will bring your console table to life.



It goes without saying that the console tables we see on Instagram look fabulous but if you are anything like me then my console table usually houses my post, keys, children’s water bottles and shoes! Whenever, we design a space, functionality is a key consideration.  Unfortunately, our homes aren’t Instagram worthy 24/7 so its important that they meet our practical needs too. 

If you have space under your console use this for baskets to store shoes, school work and similar! On top of your table use accent bowls or dishes that will hide keys and post or maybe a box or selection of jars.


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