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Sam is an abstract painter living in the market town of Shrewsbury with her four children and husband. After a career in advertising she studied fine art at Birmingham School of Art and graduated in 2013 exhibiting her Boob Wallpaper project. Since then Sam has been a prolific creator and connector working on projects with many other creative folks in and around Shropshire. Whenever she has a moment you will find her painting in her studio.


"I have come to painting late, having stumbled through multi-media to discover a form of communication that truly challenges and emotes me. Working first on a common theme, emotion of concept that is developed through the paintings themselves. My work is both an emotional response to my surroundings and escapism into painting itself resulting from the raw materials I use I work in an intuitive and guttural way, experimenting with medium to create texture and depth. I work on paper, wood panels and canvas, the paintings’ veer from high-intensity to monochromes in minimalism." Sam 


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