About Us



CharlesTed Interiors was established in October 2017 by Hannah and Kate, two friends based in Shropshire with a shared passion for all things interiors. 

Whilst working together on an interior project we decided to buy a small selection of our favourite pieces that we had in our own homes to sell to friends and family. When we told them everything sold out within a day! 

After this initial success we set up our own website with just a small selection of products and invested £300 each to buy stock. Again, we sold out before the stock even arrived! And so it grew! We've now attracted over 60,000 Instagram followers and we have just employed our first member of staff!

We exchanged a good few hundred WhatsApp messages trying to come up with a business name some of which were really out there! In the end we decided to keep it simple and represent how we first met, through our boys, Charles and Ted!