Guarantee & Warranties

Under the Consumer Rights Act 2015, any manufacturing fault occurring within 6 months of receiving your product, we will offer a replacement or a refund. After you have owned the product for six months the customer will be required to prove that the issue was there when they received the product and the fault is not due to ordinary wear and tear, or damage the customer caused, and that the product (or a component of the product) should have lasted longer than it did.

We are not responsible for items that are damaged due to the result of normal wear and tear.

Please make sure to adhere to all care instructions on a product page and any description on the product that alludes to organic, distressed, rustic or repurposed.

If the item is not cared for as per our recommendations has been damaged because of this, we cannot be responsible and we will not be able to issue a replacement, an exchange or a refund.

For electrical items, there may be extended guarantee through the manufacturer- please refer to original product packaging for more information.