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Preserved Eucalyptus Bunch
Preserved Eucalyptus Bunch

Preserved Eucalyptus Bunch

A beautiful bunch of Preserved Eucalyptus populus, In a rich green.

featuring a beautiful main stem with thin stems branching off to wide, rounded dark green leaves these stems are incredible.

This product is sold as a 150g weighted bunch 

Indoor Use Only.


Each stem is around 70-90cm and each individual leaf around 5-7cm long and 5-6cm wide.


Keep away from water.

Preserved foliage’s and flowers are natural stems that have been treated and often coloured. Stem shapes can vary just as with any natural product.

Keep away from sudden temperature changes and changes in humidity. Stems can react to these changes by sweating and they are not colourfast. So please keep away from surfaces where they could cause staining.

Do not clean stems with water, just lightly dust.

Chemicals used in the preserving process are non toxic but sometimes certain products can produce an odour.


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